It’s time to level up your organization.

As the business world grows more global and more complex, solid leadership is critical to your organization’s success. Coaching for executive and leadership teams can create a culture focused on growth and performance, address communication and conflict resolution challenges, and open the door to enhanced productivity, employee engagement, and high performing teams.

Whether your organization is experiencing a period of massive growth or leadership turnover, whether your teams struggle with executing strategic goals or exhibit challenges in communicating so everyone understands, I can help you develop a focused and productive team that moves together toward a common goal of organizational success.

Business consulting can help your team:

  • Become more cohesive and effective
  • Communicate more clearly for every audience – internal or external
  • Address patterns of behavior that derail the team or create distractions
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Increase self-awareness, impact, and influence
  • Create clarity around competing priorities and desired outcomes
  • Align actions with the culture you want to create within your organization
  • Transform leadership perspectives and bottom-line results
  • Transition into new roles or responsibilities to serve your organizational needs

“Benah is very professional and honest, while being highly personable. I felt like I was talking to a close friend. She listened to everything I had to say and provided very meaningful insights and suggestions. Benah's technique provides priceless results in boosting your own self-confidence.”

- SL, Biomedical engineer

Beginning with a series of meetings with executive leaders and/or the human resources team, I will work with you to identify the highest priority needs of your team and your organization. Together we will identify the leaders or teams who need specific coaching and the desired outcomes of those sessions. 

Coaching sessions are typically 3-4 times a month for 60 minutes each, with availability via email or phone for one-off check-ins or issues as they arise between sessions. Sessions can be in person in the Phoenix metro area, over the phone, or via online meeting, based on schedules, travel, and other needs. Corporate and non-profit consulting agreements are generally contracted in six-month intervals.

The consulting process includes:

  • Cultural interview with HR or top leaders to create a deep understanding of the organization’s current state, needs, and priorities
  • Cultural interview with HR or top leaders to identify leaders’ professional history, current strengths, opportunities for growth, and review of previous internal feedback to identify gaps in skills or proficiencies
  • Qualitative and quantitative 360* leadership assessment, ideally involving each leader’s supervisor, peers, and direct reports
  • One-on-one coaching sessions targeting leaders’ development, communication, mindset, and leadership needs
  • Benchmarks for professional and personal development as they relate to the organization’s goals and objectives